I enjoy doing a little bit of everything. Reading, writing, longboarding and art has a huge hunk of my heart….. So you’re here to find out what this blog is about. Truth is I have no niche; I will be blogging about my interest as they come and sometimes as they leave. As you will come to notice, I am a Christian and all of my blog post in some way or another might reflect that. Christianity to me is a lifestyle, not a once a week event I attend. I try my best to do what is pleasing in the eyes of God. And as much I don’t want to go to hell, my main reasons for serving God is simple. I love him, but he first loved me. Without him I am nothing, with him I am a child of the King. Blessings in my life have been endless and I can never thank him or praise him enough. Have you ever had something happen to you so wonderful so amazing you can’t keep it to yourself? Well that is my relationship with God. I can’t keep his goodness to myself. In a world of violence, crime and hardship, I think it’s time for me to say something to anyone who wants to hear. To me not telling others about God is like finding a spring when the world is facing drought and keeping it to myself.  My post will be about healthy eating; books I read, things I have seen, inspiration to enjoy another day, hair and so much more but most importantly it will be about God because he is my center and the source of my life and all things good in it. If you want to know why I named my blog salt of the earth I have a post that touches a bit on that, ”What does it mean to be the salt of the earth”, feel free to check it out.



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