Uprooting Negativity


Have you ever had someone say something out of place to you and for a while what they said is like on replay in your head?

I have had that happen to me. It usually happens when I have to hold my tongue and stop myself from giving someone a good lash with it. And my brain keeps producing polite response with the same effect of a tongue beating.

It sucks majorly when you day is going hallelujah awesome and some idiot comes a long a piss u off  on ten different levels. But you know what? Both you and I are on earth, which means from time to time we will encounter people who  have attitudes so bad it creates a permanent stench that follows them around.

And when that moment comes for us to interact with these people, with a calm expression and a gentle smile, how can we prevent ourselves from getting worked up and letting them drop a big pile of cow manure all over our little corner of the universe?

The bible says, “Above all else guard your heart for everything you do flows from it.”

Key words: Guard. Your. Heart.  The bible says above all else. As if to say nothing is more important that building a fortress around that organ that controls your emotion. But why? why is it so significant that we do this?

Simple…………. everything we do is as a direct result of what we feel.

The devil is like a roaring lion walking about seeking whom he may devour. Basically what this mean is that the devil is no one’s friend. His sole purpose and desire is to destroy each and every one of us. And one of the major ways he does it is by using our emotions. Without protection on our heart we are vulnerable to his attacks.

. How often have we done something wrong purely because we felt like it?

Why did you shove your sister?….because I felt like it.

Why didn’t you do the chores?….because I didn’t feel like doing it.

Why did you cheat on me…I don’t know babe…….I just felt…………..

Feelings are the foundation all sin stems from.  We let emotions rule us much too often. I for one is guilty of that. It is natural to have feelings, it is part of being human, a beautiful capability. However, negative feeling brings about negative thoughts, and negative thoughts are like weeds in a garden. They multiply quickly and choke the crops you have worked hard to plant. The bible warns us to Guard our heart. Be on the alert. Our heart is the hub of emotion. When we feel sad, happy, angry or afraid that emotion radiates from where? You guessed it, the heart.

The heart has a greater influence in our lives than our minds. Because if we act based on what we thought to be good we would regret our actions a lot less. Instead we act based upon our feelings.

Daily we are bombarded by negativity but we must guard our heart from this negativity. First recognize the potential threats, which can be a hurtful comment someone directed to us, failure or doom and gloom of the day. Then we have to rebuke that negativity. And finally we must replace it with positivity. Reminding ourselves we are beautiful, or using the failure as a future strength or by reminding ourselves that God loves us and we live for him.

It is easy to get caught up in our own world and pain but pain can be debilitating.  Instead remove the weeds which are the bad thoughts that spring up in your mind before they grow and their roots dig deep.

The mind of a man is powerful, and where it goes the man will follow. Everything you do flows from your heart; your hobbies, decisions, meals, all of it are as a direct result of what you feel and think. God has given us the bible to instruct us on how we should live for our benefit; we should not ignore what it teaches us, but utilize it to make our lives easier.

When we read the manual for just about anything it brings great clarity and understanding. The bible is no different. The more we immerse ourselves in his words the better our lives become because we learn of how we should best live.

A sure way to create fertilizer for good thoughts is by constantly thanking God for the many blessings in our lives and forgiving one another even as Christ has forgiven us. Harboring hate and resentment is like putting on blinders; it clouds our judgment. The bible tells us that we must bless them that curse us and pray for them who despitefully use us. And by doing so I believe you will not harbor hate but love. And God is love.

What can be better than the creator of the universe, sun, moon and stars dwelling in you?

Until my next post and thereafter stay blessed, stay humble and keep living for the Lord.





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