Finding meaning in meaningless living

imag0149Is life really meaningless like the preacher in ecclesiastics say? I have felt it was many times, but is it really?

It says in Ecclesiastes that man works for his mouth and his mouth is never satisfied. We can eat barrels and tons of food but unless we’re dead hunger is gonna swing round that corner again. The need to eat is one of the main reasons a lot of people get up in the morning and drag themselves to work. Think about it, so many people sadly want to give up on life, they want to just throw in the towel yet the only thing stopping is the inevitable hunger. They know at some point they will crave for food and that pain making havoc in their stomach won’t stop till they eat.

In the world under the sun as the critic says Life is not fair. It is a phrase we have all heard and might said to another or to ourselves when the tragedy we face cannot be understood from a logical point of view. “it’s is not fair!!!”, a young boy screams when he doesn’t get that cool toy he wanted for his birthday. Life’s not fair a teenage girl sobs softly to herself as hot tears trickle down her flush cheeks. Randy was such a jerk to her, cruel even, she did not deserve the treatment he dealt her. A single mother of four explains, life is not fair to her 14 year old son when he asks why he has to work at the supermarket this summer.

Time and chance happen to us all. Good men face hard times just as the wicked do. And sometimes it can be seen unethical, insensitive, callous men and women prospering while kind hearted, caring people are left to eat dust.

Some people work hard every day sweat pouring from their skin because they want their children have a better life, live in a big house, drive a fancy car, own a successful business only for that child to dwindle the wealth shortly after they are gone. Or how about a man who wakes up before the sun and goes to bed long after the sun has dipped into the ocean; he works continuously and sleeps rarely. Sadly all his wealth is lost in one bad business venture.

Does life have any meaning?

Generations come and generations go and none is certain of anything other than death. Just like the animals and the plants of the field only death is the absolute thing. All the work, all the play, all the investments has no definite outcome. What we put into life isn’t always what we get out of it. Some people have everything they can ever want but too sick to enjoy it.

What do we gain by working so hard? And what can be gain by being fools?

The preacher in Ecclesiastes says it is better to be wise than be a fool. He was wealthy and wise and he allowed himself to explore the different ways to live and he found that everything under the sun is meaningless. It has no point. Even immense pleasure is meaningless.

I think everyone should read ecclesiastics or listen to the audio at least because telling you what he says can never be sufficient, everybody must read it for themselves. He is a man that kept himself from nothing in this world. Not riches, not pleasure, not folly.  He had more women than the days of the year and that did not make him happy. He expanded his house over acres yet it did not satisfy him. He became wise and also allowed himself to be both foolish and mad and again it was all meaningless.

We are living in a world of envy. The media is booming with materialism and jealousy. John looks at Mark and says I wish as slick as him. Mary looks at Selina and say I wish I was as pretty. Selina stares at Lucy with longing eyes and wish desperately she was as smart. Lucy sadly prays she got as much attention from men as Josephina does. And Josephina wishes with all her heart these men who stop undressing her with their eyes, and bumping into her just for a quick grab at her breast.

The preacher in Ecclesiastes is showing us that no life is better than ours. It all has its issues it all has its problems and it has its unique appeal. However the best way we can live is to worship God and stop trying to control everything and enjoy the things in our lives that we can enjoy. Enjoy working, eating, drinking, our family and friends.

Yes everything in life is meaningless, but that does not mean life itself is meaningless. God in all his greatness has a plan our minds cannot grasp even if he reveals it to us. Like babes who cannot comprehend where they come from and how they got there in the first place. We cannot understand God’s plan. Our only purpose is to be happy when the happy moments roll on. To enjoy every moments here on earth even when doing things that are not so enjoyable and above all praise God and worship him in spirit and in truth.

There’s no life that is better than yours if you don’t believe read Ecclesiastes and follow the preacher who allowed himself to know overwhelming pleasure, destructive foolishness, and unbelievable madness.


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