What is your purpose?

imag0153Ecclesiastes is one of my favorite books in the bible because it addresses the issue of purpose. Have you ever wondered what your purpose in life was? I have, multiple times.  The point of living and life also puzzled me.

And why is continuing this cycle so Paramount?

We all inherently have a desire to know our purpose. It’s a part of growing up I don’t hear people talking about. Maybe because we haven’t found an agreed upon reason we choose to shy away from the topic, pretending our purpose and the point of living is more of a personal thing; different for each individual and can in no way be generalized. In the same way teething is something we all do, questioning our existence is. In the book of Ecclesiastics it dispels this unspoken theory that our purpose cannot be generalized. Yes we are created uniquely different; therefore there is a road only we can travel given our differentiated abilities, skills and attributes. However, on a larger scale why are we made? Why is the human race inhibiting earth? My next several posts will be about the chapters in Ecclesiastics.

Do you know the point of living? Do you understand why we are here? If so please comment your


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