Why not try vegan?


GMO products, milk with too much pus, feeling sluggish too early in the day, and sensitive skin have caused to consider going vegan. I haven’t done a lot of research, however I have poked my head in the general area by watching many YouTube videos, doing some reading and I think it’s something I should try out to attain a healthier lifestyle. If you visit the bible we can see God intended a plant based diet for us but stuff happened so here we are killing and eating. I do not plan to go strictly vegan since I do not intent on giving up ma fish, no sir. To some vegans I might not be seen as “vegan” because of it but I am doing this for health reasons. I suppose somebody doing it for other reasons may be justified in wanting to label me as something else because of my strong affinity to fish. Anywhooo, it is my perception this will be challenging because I have to prepare vegan meals day in and day out. Like anybody else I am thinking what am I going to eat? (Silly face)

What we learnt about food at school is starting to become out dated. I was watching a documentary, I can’t recall which one, but it said the vitamins our parents got from a tomato is not the same as what we get now. We have to consume three tomatoes to gain the same amount of vitamins. And that applies to some other vegetables as well.

Yes, that is just so sad.

I read about what is really in the milk we are drinking today. A little bit of calcium is not worth it at least not for me. The milk is full of pus now from the poor cows, it has a lot of antibacterial stuff in there, it’s no longer healthy and these things affect us negatively. Go read about what you are putting in your body. Information is power.

I am not planning to live forever; it is not my goal especially on this earth- no way pal.

Some people say we are going to die anyway so why bother. And you might think yeah….they have a point there, but do they? Quality of life is why we should bother. Think back to a moment in your life when you were ill and examine how much fun it were to be you then. How capable were you to enjoy your life? Healthy eating is not some form of formaldehyde to preserve our bodies or an immortal portion extending our lives forever. Improving the way we eat is beneficial even if only to smile with our eyes at our loved ones. It enables us to run along the beach, engage in a tickle fight or do something seemly trivial as sleep peacefully.

I have no idea if I will continue this, although I want to. I have no idea if I will do it right, which I hope I do. I have no idea what I am going to eat every day but it’s worth a try. After all what are we here for if not to live a little?

Are you a vegan if so what do you eat? Any advice, any tips? Also, I want to know your views and opinions about vegan eating, comment let me know.

And for those who don’t know, a vegan is someone who does eat or use animal products.


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