Fear of failure? (Take a peek at the solution)


I have experienced failure in my life many times. I can’t recall all of them but I am sure I have failed at preparing a meal I spied on Pinterest, and I have failed at rousing from my comfy bed many times.

I suspect I may fail at doing so some time again in the future ……

Point is I have had failures and most of them I can’t recall. And the rest I survived. The fear of failure ensnares so many. It holds; captive happiness, freedom, security, and peace of mind. Why?

Fearing failure is, fearing life, because by taking your first breathe you are confirming the inevitability that from time to time you will fail. If a baby fresh out of the womb would start walking and talking much like in an absolutely hilarious commercial I saw at one point, without a doubt everyone would freak out. And those hearing the story would concoct an unnatural theory or write it off as a lie straight off the bat; simply because it’s unnatural for something like that to happen. I will tell you what is natural though.

It is natural for the baby to fall in the upcoming months when he or she attempts to walk. It is natural for their new words to sound wobbly as they spill from eager lips. It is natural for their errors in speech to tickle our sides. Out of their failure smiles, laughter and beautiful moments are born. Connections and relationships are created when you tell a coworker or classmate whom you do not know that well of what your little sister or cousin or child did or said in error.

A failure can have both positive and negative impacts. Sometimes it’s all about perspective, and others times it is just what it is.

When you started school, if you quit just because you are afraid you wouldn’t understand the work, you would never have made the friends you did. Or have that class wide laugh out loud moments. Or find your passion for arts, or numbers, or maybe even auto mechanics. Failure will happen weather or not we are afraid of it. We have been programmed from young to fear failure, to always win, to never lose. But what we really have been taught is to fear growth, and fear living.

The bible says in Romans 5:3,”More than that, we rejoice in our sufferings knowing that suffering produces endurance.” With each trial we get stronger, wiser and learn how to cope with misfortune, thereby enabling us to live happily. A happy life is not a life without problems but a life where the problems do not define it. A happy life is a life where the struggles cannot stop the sun from shining and the birds from singing. If you are looking for a life without difficulties to be happy then you are searching fervently for your death. Only in death do you not have problems, because the dead knows nothing.

It may sound ludicrous but don’t knock it before you try it, I sure have. James 1:2 “Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trails of various kinds.” Recently I went through something that required a lot of strength, patience and trust in God. And I recall the words of God (the Bible) saying give thanks for all things….including your problems…yep that is right my lady and kind sir. Give thanks in all…… not some things even your problems. And I know it doesn’t seem right, but when you start to see your difficulties as a blessing in disguise beautiful things happen. When you start to trust God and accept the pain as an opportunity things start to occur in a way imagination have to get really wild before you can conjure the awesome sauce that is God.

The thing about having faith is that if you refuse to see you may never see, but if you give God a chance your eyes will not be necessary to behold the goodness of God.

To walk by faith and not by sight………….is in itself…………I can’t even think of a word to capture all the awesomeness I am feeling and so desperately want to communicate with you.

You are wired in the ways of the world; society. Let God rewire you so you can see things the way they really are. Failure is not the problem. The problem is fearing it, because in life for us to grow we have to first fall, hit the dirt and get buried. If a seed isn’t buried it can never rise to great heights above the soil, it can never reach its full potential and become what it was created to be.

Who would you be if you took the chance and fail while attempting to attain your dreams?

Failure is a word created by man to express regress but the action of failing most of the time can lead to progress if its accepted for what it really is…….fertilizer.


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