If you need a reason to work, here are a few that has nothing to do with money.


Today I was sitting at my desk at work feeling so sleepy all of a sudden. My body whispered the joys of melting into a mattress, and my mind began to relax, verging on the edge of concentration, gliding slowing into unproductive. I thought to myself for a moment do I really want to sleep?

Yes! The member of my body yelled.

I have heard so many people countless of times express their dislike for working. I myself have joined in the chorus of wishing to banish work from my life. However, working plays a big part in our overall level of happiness than most realize.

  1. The sleep of a worker is sweeter than a fresh batch of honey.

Have you ever realized the harder you work, and the more tired you feel, the sweeter, more enjoyable, more rewarding your slumber is when finally your worn muscles are stretched against the bed? Right then entering dreamland is more of a celebration than a bodily function.

  1. No one ever takes pleasuring in doing nothing for long periods of time.

As much as we like saying we wish we didn’t have to go to work. If we had the option of staying home all day to do nothing, what boredom we would have to face. Maybe we might watch a few shows, our favorite episodes or play video games, or read to our hearts content, exploring the world without ever getting up. But for how long? The first month or two maybe the reality of a dream, the second months for some may still be just as good. By the 12th month or maybe sooner our appetite may have been satisfied, and we will find ourselves searching for work to do. It may not seem as work to you, but it most likely is work to someone else. We would crave to develop, invent, create or record. A deep desire to learn something new, or use our brains or hands in one way or the other will burst from every cell like a geyser that the earth can no longer contain. Simply because the truth is it’s no fun doing nothing. (Meditating is doing something for those of you who may be thinking about it.) Doing, working, and moving around, adds value to our lives. Every time I exercise I get this thrill; a surge of energy. I get a feeling that makes me know that I can accomplish anything. You would think by using energy we lose it right?

There are certain things the more we use it the more we gain. Patience, love, and creativity, are a few examples. Work is necessary for growth even if we don’t always enjoy it. I have learnt some of the things I didn’t welcome into my life, years later I wouldn’t let go of for anyone. Not because something isn’t pleasant means it cannot bring pleasure. A cake takes time in the oven, a tree does not bear fruit right away; somethings takes a little while and these are the things which waiting for is worthwhile.

  1. I tied my shoe for the first time and I felt proud.

Working brings satisfaction. Have you ever done something that surprised you? Have you ever tried fixing a car for hours and suddenly did it. Or write that perfect piece of music that resonates with the soul. Or put words to a deep feeling you only had gestures for previously? Or maybe with the slightest tilt of your head, the sun hit the lens of your camera just right and you captured a shot so beautiful it will strike awe for years to come in all those who sees it?

There have been times at work I have been delegated tasks I have never done, tasks that require sweat, brain power and focus to the max, and at first I don’t think I can execute it as I would like. But the feeling coursing through my veins when I do dispels the kinks and knots bundled up in my back. A feeling radiating the pads of my toes and warming the pit of my stomach; that feeling I want to hold onto just a bit longer  makes the mountain which was the task become a cup of victory. Haven’t you ever had that feeling where you surprised yourself, because you didn’t know you were that awesome?

  1. What is the purpose of a man or woman upon the earth?

It may not be your day job, but for most persons work helps give us a purpose; a reason to get up in the morning. Sometimes the things we slave over the most may not see the light or day. Our eyes may be the only pair of eyes to fall upon it, but painting gives us the drive to go on, sewing gives us the hope of someday becoming a fashion designer, sitting at that computer day in and day out brings us closer to the day we finally learn enough code for that big idea. To have no purpose is to be like a drift wood out on the ocean. A ship with no destinations is no better than a driftwood. We are not driftwood; we are more than a lump of flesh. Work help us figure things out when we are confused, that is why some people work, or bake or jog, or play their guitar or write when they need to figure things out or clear their head.

  1. “I don’t have a reflection” he cried. “Am I a ghost?”                                                              “No” she coed,” you are still finding yourself”.

And finally work gives us a sense of identity. Sometimes people introduce themselves by stating their profession. Or they get introduced in this manner. Who is she?…..a doctor.

Hi I am rick the bass guitarist.

Melissa is a wonderful singer.

I am the owner of this fine establishment.

Mervin is a technician, trust me if he can’t fix it no one can.

I think you get the idea.

Do you see any other importance to working that I didn’t mention? Let me know I would love to hear from you? What work do you love doing and how does it impact your life?

Stay blessed, stay humbled, and stay happy……from a life lover to another.


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