The worth of your soul

imageThe worth of your soul

I cannot recall where I heard or read this short story about a young man who inherited a painting, among other things from his father. The son held onto the painting for many years, but when he was planning on moving; in order to reduce the stuff he had to transport to his new home, he decided to have a garage sale. He had only held onto the painting because it was his father’s; so he sold it to a boy for $15.00 because he didn’t really like it himself and having it was becoming bothersome. Later he discovered the boy’s father sold the painting for $45000.

My Christian friends we each have inherited something of great valve from our heavenly father, something worth more than $45000.00. God loves us so much he has blessed us with a soul. I recall reading an article where a scientist was said to have calculated how much a human is worth in terms of organs. After he applied his knowledge and brilliance he concluded that each healthy human being was worth a total of 6 million dollars. The next time you’re feeling worthless, remember you are worth 6 million dollars ……..according to the scientist. However, he didn’t take into account, our talents, abilities or most importantly our soul. If he was to add it all up, I think he might have to invent a new number while he was at it, because I’m pretty sure we each are priceless. No two persons are alike; God cared that much about you to create a one of kind, original….you. Society gives us a standard to measure ourselves by, and with that standard it leaves so many people feeling worthless, and unimportant.

When the truth is that we are so valuable the creator of the entire universe, the creator of the stars, the ocean, snow,………flowers and all the beauty nature has to offer wants you, as a friend. There is a great battle between the devil and God over…….. you. Jesus died……for you.

Much like the young man who was unaware of the worth of his possession, we seem to be oblivious to our worth.

Do leave your money lying around outside, or maybe drop your computer or cell phone anywhere expecting to find it when you return? Do you leave your home unlock when you go to work or school?

When we have something of value we protect it; put it in vaults, hide it so no one else can find it. The president of the united stated have a lot of security guards to ensure his safety; people have alarm systems of their vehicles to deter thieves from stealing it. And here we are leaving our souls open on the battle field, unprotected. The enemy needs no plane to swoop down from the sky, or acquire a long range firearm to get to it. They can simply walk over and take it.

Indulge me here and imagine you go to a friend’s house, and you discover this friend is using a big black diamond as a paper weight. When you point out that it is fact a diamond, they refuse to believe and keep referring to it as a rock. That is how we treat our souls. The sad part is the bible tells us over and over the value of it but we keep dismissing God content in believing that we could never be as valuable.

I want to let you know the devil is working hard to get your soul, so you better get your business in order before he does. 1 peter 5:8 tells us “be sober, be vigilant because your adversary the devil is like a roaring lion walketh about seeking whom he may devour.” You may not realize it, but you are in constant danger. We are always targeted by the devil and he evil angels. However, he is not seeking to end your life, what he wants is your soul. The bible tells us in Ephesians 6:12. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

The devil wants it, Jesus was crucified for it, you have it, what are you going to do with it?

I suggest you guard it, by avoiding temptations, seeking God diligently and making a commitment to yourself to let God lead your life.

There is this poem that I really liked as a kid and still do, I think we can learn a lot from it. I hope you like it.

The Spider and the Fly
Mary Howitt

Will you walk into my parlour?” said the Spider to the Fly,
‘Tis the prettiest little parlour that ever you did spy;
The way into my parlour is up a winding stair,
And I’ve a many curious things to shew when you are there.”
Oh no, no,” said the little Fly, “to ask me is in vain,
For who goes up your winding stair can ne’er come down again.”

“I’m sure you must be weary, dear, with soaring up so high;
Will you rest upon my little bed?” said the Spider to the Fly.
“There are pretty curtains drawn around; the sheets are fine and thin,
And if you like to rest awhile, I’ll snugly tuck you in!”
Oh no, no,” said the little Fly, “for I’ve often heard it said,
They never, never wake again, who sleep upon your bed!”

Said the cunning Spider to the Fly, ” Dear friend what can I do,
To prove the warm affection I ‘ve always felt for you?
I have within my pantry, good store of all that’s nice;
I’m sure you’re very welcome — will you please to take a slice?”
“Oh no, no,” said the little Fly, “kind Sir, that cannot be,
I’ve heard what’s in your pantry, and I do not wish to see!”

“Sweet creature!” said the Spider, “you’re witty and you’re wise,
How handsome are your gauzy wings, how brilliant are your eyes!
I’ve a little looking-glass upon my parlour shelf,
If you’ll step in one moment, dear, you shall behold yourself.”
“I thank you, gentle sir,” she said, “for what you ‘re pleased to say,
And bidding you good morning now, I’ll call another day.”

The Spider turned him round about, and went into his den,
For well he knew the silly Fly would soon come back again:
So he wove a subtle web, in a little corner sly,
And set his table ready, to dine upon the Fly.
Then he came out to his door again, and merrily did sing,
“Come hither, hither, pretty Fly, with the pearl and silver wing;
Your robes are green and purple — there’s a crest upon your head;
Your eyes are like the diamond bright, but mine are dull as lead!”

Alas, alas! how very soon this silly little Fly,
Hearing his wily, flattering words, came slowly flitting by;
With buzzing wings she hung aloft, then near and nearer drew,
Thinking only of her brilliant eyes, and green and purple hue —
Thinking only of her crested head — poor foolish thing! At last,
Up jumped the cunning Spider, and fiercely held her fast.
He dragged her up his winding stair, into his dismal den,
Within his little parlour — but she ne’er came out again!

And now dear little children, who may this story read,
To idle, silly flattering words, I pray you ne’er give heed:
Unto an evil counsellor, close heart and ear and eye,
And take a lesson from this tale, of the Spider and the Fly.

The fly knew how dangerous the spider was but she lingered, she left but returned. Most of the time we know what isn’t good for us but entertain it only to find ourselves entangled in its web later. All because we refuse to disengage, we are so flattered by the silver tongued; not realizing it is a dagger dipped in poison.

Some of us seek too much gratification from others. We constantly want praise, and to be adored. And all it takes for someone to overpower us is to pay us a little compliment and our heads quickly swell. As Christians we have to be humble. We should not be egoistic and hungry for attention. We should live a life for God and not for man.

Avoid the people who bring out the worst in you, do not download music you know is not enriching, with the intent not to listen to it, you very much will. Don’t click on videos on youtube or Facebook you know might cause you to sin. Our weaknesses are different, what may cause you to sin, may be different from what will cause me to sin, but sin is sin and we should do all that we can to avoid the temptation.

Resisting temptation is not a one day thing, one week thing, one month thing or even a one year thing. It is a lifetime of determination to do what is pleasing in the eyes of God. 1 Corinthians 10:13 says “ No temptation has overtaken you except such as is common to man, God is faithful who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able but with the temptation will also make the way of escape that you may be able to bear it.

When you do what God asks of you, surely you will be blessed. Matthew 6:33 says :seek he first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be added to you”. You have to seek God, know him, have him as a close friend because without him there is no way we will successfully guard our souls.

With God we are the child or the king….we are royalty. Without him we are nothing.

James 4:7-8 tells us “Draw near to God and he will draw near to you”. It is great to have God near you as a protector, guide and friend. When life beats you down, God will lift you up. Do not allow struggles to blur you image of God. God never said we won’t have any troubles, he promised to see us through them.

Do not allow your numbness to be interpreted as the absence of God. Because God is always around, he is Omnipresent. And he will always be there for you, if you want him to.

  From: a Jesus freak, crazy about God because he is crazy about me.

  To:  a stranger in the eyes of man, but my family in the eyes of God


May the person reading this have a blessed day.


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