Is being a christian hard?


Being a Christian is sometimes incredibly difficult. You have to hold your tongue constantly; firm enough to prevent any vile, distasteful words from lunging at people who seem to deserve them. As a Christian you have to ignore, let the painful words of others fall on death ears. You have to forgive and look past the hurt, and seemly sadistic act of those you love. You have to, because the bible implores us to forgive 70 x 7 (Matthew 18:22), it didn’t say forgive when you can or have enough strength to do so. It said very clearly forgive 70 x 7. Being a Christian means fighting for what is right when those around us idly sit by; uncaring. It means standing alone sometimes and deviating from the norm.

Being a Christian can sometimes be incredibly difficult,  BUT it can also be incredibly joyous if you completely trust in God and let him lead.

God asks you to hold your tongue not only because it’s the right thing to do, but because it is building a character trait in you that will benefit you time and time again. If you have ever encountered a crass or foul-mouth individual the feeling you have toward their outlandish behavior is the feeling God is protecting you from. Bad behavior is always unpleasant even at the times you feel it’s justified.

So often we find ourselves lost, looking for answers, wishing for a manual for life, but we already have one. It’s called the Bible, the word of God. It was written not only for us to get on a friendship level with our creator but as an instruction manual from him on how to live, because who better to tell you how to live your life other than the one who made you?

I see every day how much we don’t like to listen. Like stubborn children we flee from correction, we flee in haste from guidance; we rather stumble in the dark than walk in the light. It shouldn’t take us years to see the truth in God’s words, but again like a child who only see’s the love of his/her parents in his/her adulthood, we trod around in pain, letting years past before noticing the care and love in the word of God.

DO NOT have sex before marriage. No, No, No. We don’t want that, what we want is to do as we please. However, a survey will show that quite a number of persons who has sex before marriage regrets doing it. A lot of women tend to regret having sex with men who are not their husbands. This was not God’s attempt at spoiling your fun; no it was his loving warming to protect you from hurt and self-hate.

DO NOT gossip. Gossip has end many friendships and from the looks of it will continue to do so because so many allow it to.

DO NOT envy. Envy stirs up great hatred to those whom you should love. It kills relationships and engenders bitterness in our hearts. If bitterness in the mouth can be so unbearable, how can you carry it in your heart?

DO NOT be greedy. So many people are trying to lose weight and you want to be greedy? I will leave this one here.      🙂

There are thousands and billions of lessons to be learnt from God. The bible is our get out of jail free card in life, if we only read it and build a relationship with God. I want you to remember this when you feel like being a Christian is too much work or you are doing God a favor when you do what is right. You shouldn’t wait for your hair to run like a silver stream and for you bones to grind to dust for you to realize how different your life could have been, if you trusted God and his words. Living as a Christian does not mean only seeing what the blinders of the mind will permit you to. It means seeing so much more than what our twenty twenty vision can bring into focus, and hearing the beauty of life we were deaf to before. Some of us must first lose our sense of sight and hearing in our old days to experience a full life in God but it doesn’t have to be this way.

I want to hear from you. Do you think being a christian is too difficult and why? Do you think being a christian is fun? And what ways have you struggled in your walk with God? With me, sometimes I tend to overlook the blessings God has bestowed upon me and I sometimes doubt him. I guess it’s called a journey for a reason, because walking with God has taught me a lot, not only about him but about myself. To anyone reading this I hoped it uplift you and helped you to see God is not punishing us with his guidelines but they are there to help us. I don’t know if it’s just me but in this world there’s so many decisions to make and it can be very hard to make a choice, but when I line my choices against the word of God it helps me tremendously.




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