Can we really start fresh?


Peeling off the past and stepping forward into a new reality sounds how, a cool shower on a hot day feels. When bombarded by the trials or pains of life, starting fresh becomes a fantasy but is it a possibility?

Can we start fresh in a relationship, at a new job, or in a different community?

The ability to move on, and cross the bridge into a brighter day, boils down to how we handle certain emotions, namely; pain, regret, hurt and embarrassment.

To begin new demands pristine feelings. Our emotional maturity will greatly impact the success of new beginning. Most of us are more emotionally driven than we realize. The feelings of hurt and embarrassment have a way of lingering long after the situations which summoned it. It tends to tail us like an agent incognito and when we least expect, it comes out of the shadows and dances in the light of day. Our old life and our new life pivots at these moments.

Although,……… if we could have handle the destructive emotions of pain, regret and hurt we would not have the consuming desires to flee. So, when you find yourself longing to regain the innocence of the years or the freshness of a relationship, stop and ask yourself, which emotion are you really running away from?

If you can’t identify the feeling it will be much more difficult to escape it. Wouldn’t it be horrible if after you “moved on” in your relationship or at your new job and when everything seems to be going fine, you are faced with a slight reminder of your pass that compels you to weep on the toilet?

I believe new beginnings are possible, but only if we deal with the old emotions. Also, we must strive to accept our imperfect nature, and remember failing is a side effect of growth. Often times when we hurt someone we love it takes us longer to forgive ourselves, than it takes for the person to forgive us. Why is that? Why are we so hard on ourselves? Yes we must take responsibility for our actions but for how long? To what end?

Moving passed a bad break up or an embarrassing situation takes courage, tenacity, and deaf ears. We have to mute the negativity from people, the bad mouthing, and the voices in our heads telling us we deserve punishment. We have to stop beating ourselves up, in order to face the hurt and regret.

A new beginning is only possible when we emotionally let go of our mistakes, because how can anyone start fresh with old feelings?


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