Journey of more than a thousand words: 2


Journey of more than a thousand words:  2

Becoming a professional writer is not all as it seems. Initially, I thought it would be as simple as expressing my thoughts in much the same way as a musician conveys his or her feelings through music. Boy, was I wrong.

First I had to figure out what I wanted to express before eloquently doing so. That task served to be difficult and engendered more questions, to which I had to search long and hard for the answer. In truth some of answers are still out there waiting for me to find them.

I had to find my voice, narrow my interest and discover the writer inside me pleading to get out. I had to disabuse myself of the idea that writing would be all fun and no work.

Writing is work. Fun, but work.

This was only the beginning, I hadn’t even brushed up on my English. English is such a unique language it doesn’t matter if you speak it all your life and got good grades at school, there are still many mistakes one can easily make. If I am going to be a writer, I want to write well.

I am still reading and dusting the pages of a grammar book, relearning about articles, subjects and objects of a sentence, and intensive and reflexive pronouns.

I read several books on kindle which help give me directions on how to be an indie author. I spent weeks and weeks reading and learning.

In order to write, you must read. When writers read, not only the meaning of the words is of importance, but the placement and impact it has, is equally valuable.

Writers must be readers. Books must become their homes and words their food.

I like words. I don’t know if this is necessary to become a writer but I like words. I like browsing through a dictionary like the nerd I am, and understand words. This made my writing journey a bit easier because I liked the tools of the trade.

At the very beginning I felt like I read more than write. However, I knew that reading was imperative to developing the skill. Though in the past I was an avid reader I felt it did not contribute enough, since now when I read I take a lot more into consideration. I am appreciating the work of the author in a new way. My analysis is beyond the words, past the surface. When I read something that makes me cry, I want to delve in and figure out what specifically yanked the tears from my eyes. When I read a paragraph that makes me leap for joy, I take a moment to reflect on the bread crumbs which lead me here.

I have begun writing my book, and it has been sweet, sour and salty.

One thing I try to remind myself, in an attempt to refrain for constantly rewriting (before giving the story a chance) is; strive for excellence not perfection.

We are our biggest critics and I am still shy about my work. Typing it this very moment is still very new to me and uncertain; my work. In the past I have jumped from hobby to hobby, wild with interest. Sometimes it made me feel there was something wrong, but I love new experiences, I enjoy starting something new and diving in with all I have. It’s great for all those who have that one thing they have stuck with all their lives and mastered. But for me I no longer see my passion for life as a weakness, because these experiences are coming together on paper, giving life to my character in a way I never thought possible.

We sometimes ask others to give us a chance, but once in a while we have to give ourselves a chance to do something awesome. I don’t know if I will be good at writing. I don’t know if the book I am writing will be interesting to others. But I am going try, because that’s what life is all about.


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  1. mmleonard says:

    My advice is just to write story that moves you, and plot it out. Then fill in the spaces everyday until it is completed. Edit 5 times. Get beta readers. Get a cheap edit done. Then submit to agents/self-publish. Then repeat 5 times and maybe one of them is a hit.


    1. diamonddust7 says:

      Sounds like good advice.☺ I will try it.


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