Do they notice me

Do they notice me?


“We just ordinary people we don’t know which way to go, cause we ordinary people maybe we should take it slow”

Plays at maximum in one ear cause the left side stopped working but I put it in anyway so people won’t stare

I pay little to no attention to the right ear cause it strums a familiar tune. The left is what intrigue me for the fact people are not aware, that I can hear every word that is said

I’m not interested in they say but it’s more entertaining than just sitting there

They walk through the doors out the doors and straight pass the doors

With not a care as to who’s sitting by the door. Or who passed before them because they have places to go people to feed and bills with due dates that has grey hair

And I just sit and stare

Guessing their lives as each pass by

Some faces are familiar but not many

Mine has become familiar too

It’s funny how I’m a regular at a restaurant but don’t buy any food. Well I can’t complain after all they let me sit here and spare no charge

Little school girl at churches chicken waiting for her brother.

By a contributor Kerbri Charlery


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