The best way to spend time

The phase killing time refers to the activities we do to give the illusion of the time passing faster than it really is. When waiting for friend or the bus or our birthday, we try to make the time pass, by killing it.
The sun takes it usual spot above our heads every morning and we wake up to a new day. Most of us don’t give a second thought on the best way we should spend our day, predominantly because we have the preconceived notion that we already know.

Other times we wake up allowing the day to do with us as it pleases. Time is a very important commodity. I had a math teacher who used math once to show us that time equal money. It was a very funny and interesting illustration.

Time is important and how we utilize it is dramatically prominent. The moment we are born we are simply killing it. Our life span is like a fully charged battery and with every second that passes we lose charge getting closer to the inevitable; death. It’s pretty morbid, but the oppressive nature of it does not make it less true.

Should we squeeze as much fun between the years as possible? Should we make a grab at as much money as our pockets can hold? Or should we gear all our efforts to making the world a better place?

I have come to notice the way people judge each other on how they manage their time, but the truth laying beneath the surface is that time can best serve us in different ways. Does a man who makes thousands of dollars in a week make better use of his time than a man who earns a few hundreds and spends most of his time fishing? Does a stay at home mom utilize her time better than a career woman? Is a young man who sleeps most of the day squandering his time, as opposed to a young man who enjoys reading majority of the time?

We all use our time in the way that we think benefit us. I may be wrong but I don’t think time can be wasted when we are doing something we enjoy. Spending the hours in a different way might have had a more favorable impact on our lives, but those minutes were not wasted, only used.

Everything we do, from a split second to glance at our watch, a minute spent to hug a friend in need, to an hour used to make money is just us killing time.
I have heard this question asked several times, “If you knew you would die tomorrow in what way would you spend your time?” the answer is usually variations of enjoying oneself or celebrating life. I think most of us might spend that time depressed, praying and not at all how we think we would.

We don’t know when we will die and I think that is why there is such judgment on how a person spends their time and why we use our days the way in which we do.
There is no best way of passing our time here on earth. No one size fit all solution. Our mortality plays a significant role in what we do daily; it causes some of us to speed up, and others to slow down.

We wake up sometimes fighting to use our time the way we want, only to getting distracted or not do enough.

I want to put it out there that we are all just killing time, the green filling in the battery is going down as another passes and one day it will be red. When it reaches 1% there’s nothing anyone can do. It may take years to die but it takes a minute to be gone.

Are you killing time the way you really want to?


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