Elusive Passion


Growing up we are often told to “find your passion”, what is this passion that they keep talking about?

Passion; a hobby that has grown overtime to something a bit short of an obsession, from which great satisfaction is derived.

Thousands of self-help books tell you to find your passion. It is implied that finding “your passion” will bring insight, happiness, and peace. It is alluded to in a way that makes it imperative to our survival and overall happiness. From what I can see this “passion” is somewhat of a burden to most people; those who have found it and those yet to find it alike. For some who have discovered their passion it has led to much distress because it is not accompanied by the associated high that it was expected to bring. It was not a cure all for their problems. Some artist and musicians feels like slaves to it. They are consumed by it, but in various ways betrayed. And while they have found it, they are still wild-eyed, foaming at the mouth, sweating profusely on a mad hunt to turn that passion into livelihood. We have all heard of the “starving artist”. Some of the lucky ones whose passion has brought wealth, sometimes lose their appetite or loose other things, like important people in their lives as a result of neglect.

And then there are those unable to peel back the layer of themselves, to look pass the superficial to find that one thing that engenders inspiration, peace, complex simplicity, and engulfing beauty. It’s one things to chase something visible and a tormenting ordeal to lay in wait, survey the land, dash into the vast unknown for what has no form, color, essence, or trail.

Society, employers, and the general public expect you to have a passion. To be leaking from all sides like Jello oozing from the hand on a baby. But what if you don’t have a passion, what if music, writing, photography and counting money does not bring about that marijuana type high, or cocaine type addiction. What if you don’t know your true passion is working with the deaf because you have never met a deaf person. What if you don’t have a passion for anything but rather you are passionate about making a change, learning, growing and experiencing new things?   People talk about having a passion as something that brings happiness and in some ways it does. But….what if your happiness does not come from doing but by being, being with your family or friends? What if your passion is playing video games does that mean you should pursue a career pertaining to video games?

I think being passionate about something is wonderful and there is something that we are all passionate about. The reason why most of us have not found our passion is because this “passion” is not a hobby gone wild, but something that plays a role in making us happy and uniquely us. I feel that sometimes society portray “passion” as something meant to consume us, something that will roam our dreams, occupy our minds and possess our bodies. It shouldn’t be so; our passion should our self-support system, the portal to our makeshift world where we can be with ourselves. Our passion and what we are passionate about should be the heavily armed, ridiculously muscled security to our place in the world where we are free to roam unencumbered by the stress of life and bare out butts to the wind.

Saying it like I see it- Javyan Alexander


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Alyscia says:

    That’s exactly it. You hit the nail on the head with passion. We’ve been taught to limit ourselves to think it’s a matter of achieving when in fact it is a matter of simply being. We’ll written!


    1. diamonddust7 says:

      Thank you. I really appreciate your comment. After having difficulty myself in trying to understand it, I decided to make peace with it.


      1. Alyscia says:

        That’s the beauty of self-discovery. All the best!


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